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Hi, how’re you doing today? This is rich rumba have a rich TV live and I’m here with a very special guest It is Brent Charlton the CEO of n wave corporation. How you doing today? Brent very well yourself. Thank you. I’m doing very well Thank you for joining us today Thanks. Why don’t we start off with you telling us a little bit about end wave corporation.

Sure Well n wave corporation is a diversified technology company. That is currently commercializing a patented dehydration tech We started out in the food space primarily working with several large Consumer packaged goods companies and then entered the cannabis space about two years ago serendipitously great, and I remember when you guys Became public and started working with Aurora and the stock took off did really really well. I remember that like it was yesterday Obviously the entire sector is retracted right now done a reset What do you think’s going on in the cannabis sector and how do you guys differentiate yourself from? Everybody else? It’s a time of consolidation. There will be winners in the space certainly So it’s a matter of trying to find those partners and working with them. As of course consolidation takes place over the next several months We do still believe that this market is going to be a massive one globally specifically in Canada as well, so we are at a point resources to further commercialize our tech in the space great and We work with many investors worldwide in like sixty countries What would you be saying to investors that are interested in investing in N wave? Why would they want to invest in n wave versus the other 440 companies that exist? Or a pick-and-shovel play in the cannabis space.

We have a proven commercial technology again we have 36 royalty bearing licenses where companies have come and purchased our equipment and have agreed to pay either a Percentage of the wholesale value of the products being sold in the food space or in the case of the cannabis industry a few pennies per gram produced so for us we’re a diversified lower risk because the Technology itself has successfully being commercialized and of course, I’m sure many of your followers believe to that There’s massive upside in the growth prospects of this particular industry and we hope to play a major role in that And you guys are right now working in Canada.

Are you guys planning to grow internationally? Yes, so specifically to the cannabis and hemp space We do already have international licensing with a company called can group in Australia Helius therapeutics in New Zealand We have a deal with a hemp company based in United States called electric farms We are vigorously pursuing other opportunities the key Valley prop for our drying technology in the space is that we’re taking that drying time from multiple days in your traditional curing room to 45 minutes if the plant material is going for extraction or if it needs to be a high terpene combustible product with Very low harshness to the smoke then about a two hour process So we’ve been able to test that out with multiple strains with our current partners and provides prospective partners with some quantitative and qualitative data that can hopefully entice them to adopt their technology and How about your revenue growth right now? We’re in a point where everybody wants to know about revenue.

They want to know profitability How does the company look? Financially is the company strong. Like is there any debt issues? Is there strong financial balance sheet right now? How do you guys look financially currently? We’re north of 15 million dollars on the balance sheet no debt, no debts last year we Thanks approximately doubled our revenue top line from buck 22.8 to mid-40s, so we’re growing nicely On a bottom-line basis. We’re still spending spending money on sales and marketing So we’re not quite yet part of my profitable But we do anticipate to hopefully be so within the next 12 to 24 months great. So, you know, we’re positioned well financially I think the adoption rates should pick up So I think when you look at us as a unique Drying novel technology that could hopefully become the gold standard in this industry. We are the choice. We are the only proven Scalable vacuum microwave technology in the world Wow So, can you talk a little bit about that vacuum microwave technology what exactly is that for investors that are watching? What makes you guys so unique in doing that and being the only ones can you explain that process? Absolutely, so when you combine Vacuum with microwave it’s very difficult to achieve a homogeneous distribution of that energy and achieve again an even drying What tends to happen as you would happen in your household microwave is you have hot spots and cold spots so through the innovative apparatus design work which is patented and also the processing know-how we have created a way again to take cannabis from 80 something percent down to 10 percent on an even basis and We can go either even lower down to a sub 1% for extraction purposes again on an even basis We have partnerships with the likes of PepsiCo and several other large global dairy companies Household names in that consumer packaged goods space they’ve all done their due diligence They put out and looked at prospective alternatives who claim that they have scaleable vacuum microwave technology and the results of being that kicked the tires and the tires popped and they always end up coming back to N wave and because we’re employing that royalty licensee business model, you know at first they may be a bit apprehensive But once they truly see the value proposition They’re happy to enter into a long term partnership because then they have upside with the royalty partnerships They can make money with your product – well we exactly lower cost production.

That’s the key in the cannabis space specifically It’s obviously time reduction and cost reduction tied to a smaller footprint and alleviating the choke point of drying essential. Oh, it sounds great I’m really excited to learn more about your company. My entire community will be watching you very very closely Thank you very much for your time today. I’m gonna probably wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. Thanks guys Thank you guys for watching. This is Brent Charlton the CEO of n wave corporation Thank you guys for watching have yourself a great day pleasure meeting it Thanks guys.

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