Right here in San Francisco now we have got some mighty eating places chinese Italian taco vehicles it can be foodie paradise out right here however good with so many choices we depend on rankings website equivalent to Google areas yelp evaluate that means we know who’s received the best soy latte and who’s acquired the nasty restrooms the back in 2007 when the colossal banks had been pushing interest only mortgages and effortless credit cards on us the banks relied on three personal score businesses to quilt their tracks and masks the risky debts the ratings agencies gave out the satisfactory ranking viable after they appreciated what they noticed triple a million-dollar mortgages to folks with no credit score historical past Triple a 3 specific mortgages on one Florida apartment in one month triple a Greek bank debt triple-a even the Editorial Board of The Wall street Journal said we would be with out these guys however these three businesses are one of the vital largest gamers on Wall street now on account that the shape the economy is in lately I figured that the ranking organizations have to get really dangerous studies so i appeared up Fitch Moody’s general pours on locations like Yelp or 4 rectangular and even as those organizations are listed they have got just about no studies think about that I imply assume you are a brilliant-eyed young multi billion-buck hedge fund cutting and repackaging mortgages to sell some retired kindergarten lecturers it can be your first time in the gigantic city and you want some strategies for a excellent rating company whom do you turn to I believe the ninety nine percentage can step up right here I suppose we can help out I suppose it is time to price the rating groups so here is the Yelp web page for Fitch in Chicago some of these guys have more than one places of work pros wonderful constructing the elevator operator was once to burn us cons complicit within the largest fraud in the history of man overall big name ranking I don’t know what do you feel like two stars the ancient Gator man used to be cool ooh the whole thing they endorsed had way too much grease in it there have been like 5 bugs in the first spreadsheets they brought to our desk why have not the wellbeing inspectors shut this location we is not going to be back best region only a speedy stroll from Zuccotti Park used to be that a credit rating we had or a blood variety the lobby has this significant revolving door nevertheless it’s just for administration and the SEC regulators 99% of us must use the service entryway now you could say come on i’m no longer certified to cross judgment on colossal monetary ranking corporations but do not supply them an excessive amount of credit you might be as a minimum as capable as they are at ascertaining just right from unhealthy right mistaken so let’s open the strains of verbal exchange finally if you are living work or spend on this economy you’ve got been affected by these three organizations how do you suppose concerning the carrier again posting reviews on Yelp is no replacement for going outside and becoming a member of the Occupy Wall avenue action the street is the guts of this protest however victorious organizations comprehend it’s most important to take heed to consumer suggestions so let’s supply them some suggestions have enjoyable with this one guys and recollect should you can not occupy wall street that you would be able to as a minimum preserve Wall street occupied you

Rate the Rating Agencies! (Keep Wall Street Occupied, Part 2)