And these are your closing figures on themarket,… Wall road powered larger for a 2nd straightsession on Monday,… With good points across the board as investors snapped up bargains afterthe largest weekly drop in two years. The Dow Jones jumped over 470 features, or alittle less than two-percentage,… To close at 24,601, even as the S&P 500, received aroundone-percentage to conclude at 2,656. The tech-heavy Nasdaq popped over one-and-a-halfpercent larger at 6,981-point-9.Korea’s markets had stable classes on Monday,…Pushed up by way of gains on Wall avenue the week before. The benchmark KOSPI rose 21 elements,… Orlittle not up to one percent to close at 2,385-factor-3. The junior bourse KOSDAQ,… Finishing theday at 843-factor-2,… Up lower than one-tenth of a percentage..

Monday's market wrap