Stocks on Sale: Buy Low, Sell High! 1-1-2020 — with David Moadel hello and welcome to looking at the
markets it's a new year it's a new decade let's start off with stocks on
sale buy low and sell high it's hard to find bargains in this market because
it's it's a bit expensive to say the least
but I'm not try to help you start off your ear and your decade right by
looking at least at some stocks or ETFs that might at least be dipping they're
not screaming buys I don't see a lot of screaming buys right now but at least
some things that are kind of down and I just want to look at neo know this is
not a bargain right now it is short term overbought to say the least both on the
RSI and looking at the Bollinger Bands but I just want to say I got lucky
sometimes you get lucky in life I recommended neo in a recent video and
then the next day just shut up a lot and then the day after that it went up a lot
too so I do not want to take credit for that I got a few comments that you know
gave me credit for calling that now you know sometimes you just get lucky in
life so there you go hey hopefully I'll get lucky again with these calls that
I'm going to make today and make sure you do your own research do your own due
diligence do not buy something just because I mentioned it you got to make
your own decisions all right so what am I looking at right now that's at least
somewhat a bargain well Boeing I mean I've been
recommending Boeing I still recommend it it's down to that 325 and change level
it was there recently it's been there before a number of times you know close
to the 320 or 325 level here here here and now it's down there again so III
think it's viable at this level for a short to medium term play again the the
entire stock market is not really a bargain and this is the Dow Jones stock
and I if you believe that in 2020 that defense aerospace and defense and just
political instability are you know going to cause a need for ramping up of
defense spending then a Boeing could really do well if you want to think
longer term if you want to think shorter term and you're just looking at the
charts mainly then you know it's down to a
support level even if you're trading short-term though you still want to look
at the fundamentals as well I want to look in the streaming category at Roku
if you believe that streaming will continue to have a future and that the
cord cutting or cable cutting will continue then you know this could be a
good long-term play if you're just thinking shorter term if you're looking
at charts well it's been down to the you know 133 134 level before recently
bounced off of it although not very far it's dipping a little bit at least it's
you know resting at that lower Bollinger Band are the RSI does not consider it
oversold yet so you may want to wait until the RSI goes down to 30 or you
could start accumulating there but mostly I would look at this as a
long-term play again just as a streaming bet bullish streaming BET want to look
at square s q is the ticker symbol and by the way if you like this trading
platform here you can go to trend spider comm and I'll put a link in the
description below this video if you want to click on that and get this for
yourself because it is it's pretty cool I really like the tools on trend spider
calm all right so we got square which is a payments platform type of company and
it's it's slid for a few weeks now and so it is starting to look oversold
according to the Bollinger Bands not quite on the RSI yet it is not reached
or 30 or below so you could wait until the RSI gets down there or you can start
to accumulate now so yeah I wouldn't blame me for waiting until it gets down
without that level around here it's a thought but it's something to keep your
eye on or you can start to accumulate now just be aware could certainly go
lower and then this entire sector which I'm going to use heck so to represent
you can also use canopy or aurora áfreeá any of those but this one this
particular stock has really been beaten up more than I think it should heck so
is super cheap I think any just about anybody can afford this stock
at a dollar 59 as share and I like the way it balanced almost exactly off of
the 30 oversold RSI level it's still at that bottom Bollinger Band
I think it's viable if you believe that this sector is going to make a recovery
in 2020 then this is one way to get in it's quite affordable I wanted to look
at lift yeah lift is interesting you could also look
at uber although this one seems to be a bigger bargain it sits at the bottom
Bollinger Band it's not oversold according to the RSI yet you might want
to wait until the RSI reaches 30 but at least it's found some sort of price this
price discovery you know the market right after the IPO and this is why I
don't buy a lot of IPOs right after the IPO okay
because the market has not really decided yet what the right price is what
the right price range is and that's called price discovery and people don't
pay attention to that enough I don't think price discovery so you know this
is a market saying okay you know what this is really not an $80 stock or even
a $70 stock this is more like between 40 and 50 and so it seems to have found its
range here and so you can play the Bollinger Bands if you want to and it's
at the bottom Bollinger Band or you can wait until the RSI goes down to 30 or
below not a terrible idea wanted to look at u.s.

Here's the Video Transcript:

Stocks on Sale: Buy Low, Sell High! 1-1-2020

Steel which
really got which has really been beaten up 2019 it was beaten up pretty badly I
like the way US Steel bounced right off of 30 on the
RSI it's still at the lower Bollinger Band but maybe curling upwards or you
can wait until US Steel is at 10 which seems to be it bottomed out at around 10
and then came up quite nicely so if you want to wait until it's 10 I respect
that if you want to start accumulating now you can do that as well
that's US Steel of course that's under the assumption that the steel industry
will pick up at some point but I don't like to make assumptions
gonna look at a uranium company the two that are probably the best-known or
among the best-known ru EC which is uranium Energy Corp and this one CCJ
which is Cameco and chemical under 9 I tend to think of as a as a bargain or at
least close to it certainly it's capable of going lower as it did but it came
right back up it seems like whenever it goes below 9 there might be some pain
and suffering but it seems to want to come back up whenever it dips below 9
will it do it again I mean you know who knows but at least you'd be buying at a
pretty good price and that's again if you've been checking the fundamentals
doing your research doing your due diligence and if you believe in uranium
as an energy source that is not going to go away the need for it is not going to
go away anytime soon and then cardinal health this is not a
stock or company that's talked about a lot it's not considered the most
exciting one it's not like Tesla or something like that doesn't get a lot of
publicity but you know if you want something relatively safe it's not like
the need for health care is gonna go away anytime soon but that's long-term
thinking if you're more short-term as just a short-term swing trade I mean you
can look at the fundamentals but also the charts it's pretty close to the
lower Bollinger Band it's it's closer to 40 than 30 on the RSI so you might want
to wait until the RSI gets down to 30 although it doesn't happen that often as
you can see in the the chart here how often does it actually get down to 30 on
the RSI well it hasn't done it for about half a year now so if you wait for that
you might be waiting a long time but it does have a short-term dip here you know
overall it's kind of it's probably closer to the top and the bottom I don't
love it here but in an expensive market you got to find bargains where you can
so at least this is a fairly safe industry to park your money into if you
want to look at something and this one did dip so that it is something to look
at all right so hope all that was helpful to you and I hope I catch
another knee type of winner with one of these
wouldn't that be nice you know I recommend something and then
it goes up like 4045 percent in a day you know 50 percent in two days right
doesn't happen all the time don't count on that happening we're not gamblers
here we are traders we are investors all right and again if you want this
platform trend spider calm you can click on the link in the description below
this video hey thanks everybody happy new year I'll talk to you again