– Marilyn just emails us about the new office unit, So we call her back. – [Marilyn] Hello, Stephen. How are you? – Hello, Marilyn. I am good how are you? – [Marilyn] Good, good, don't you have a minute to talk? – Yes, I'm here with Chris as well. – Hello, Marilyn. – [Marilyn] Oh, well. Hey, Chris. Well guys. So, I talked to Diana about a sign That we have, you know, right in the corner. Frankly, there is no way We can get it to fold that. – I think we're gonna go to this new unit Then we will wait In this new unit Even one in the summer becomes available Then we will move on to that.

Marilyn, thank you very much. You are a rock. Thank you for bringing us to this new space. – [Marilyn] Totally, guys. talk to you later. Thank you so much. – Talk to you soon, bye bye. – Well, man, it's official. We just got a new space. The only thing that kills me is that it's a small ad space But we will give them free ad space In YouTube videos every time. But now you guys are gonna know Why are we filming the opposite way We will never do this movie It's' cause they have that huge ass sign. But I mean, unless it's a canvas, you'd like to throw advertising revenue, Then definitely, bro.

But in any case, So this is one thing to do. sorry guys. What do you do? Welcome to another video. We have just returned from California. Obviously we've been away for a long time, So I'm noisy, trying to get everything done. Now we may parted this gym here thanx. It's gonna be pretty psychedelic. We gotta, Kevin, some drugged things before we leave, man. – [Kevin] Yes, yes. – This is gonna be, like, the last time We have ever had a gym gym thanx. This is crazy, man. Think about all the videos we've had here. We've made over 100 videos in this place, dude. This place is literally in history. Really sad to have him demolished, bro, But we are on bigger and better things.

So, he talks about bigger and better things, today, Me and my brother are looking for a new place to live. So we live in a two bedroom apartment And you wanted my son to have his own room Now, he and I share the room. So we are going to go check out two places today We hope that we can act as quickly as possible. We also gotta call Demi, Then me and Brian, we gotta do some work here. Let's call Demi really quick. – [Demi] Yu. – Yo. (Laugh) – [Demi] What's up? – What's up, girl? Yo, these are some psychedelic videos That you send me, by the way. Look at what Demi was doing yesterday.

– [Demi] Dude, I went to the beach and I'm skiing It didn't turn around, and when I got home, I was like, I want to pull up a bar. Then my domestic worker helped me build one. – This is very sick. Now we look at you and do these crazy pull ups. Hell yes. – [Demi] How have you been? How is the new place? Are you moving in yet? – Dude, we just literally had this phone call. Yes, we are literally moving now. So we might have our video in the new space. It'll be crazy. So we are staring, now, In a full range of flights. what is the best time for you? Do you like Wednesday or Tuesday better? – [Demi] Tuesday. – Well, let's do that. Tuesday. Yes, we'll pick you up for sure, Once you come through. – [Demi] Okay, I'll talk to my mom now. – well good. let me know. – [Demi] Okay, bye. – okay see you. Awesome, so we're one step closer to being here.

It's gonna come here in less than a week, dude. This is gonna work some satisfactory shots that we got Coming to you guys. So, I show how affiliation links work. – We can create new branches, So I made one for Osvaldo. It is affiliated with the third degree. So we have a new man we were talking to. – John. – John. And we want to sign it as a single layer, So I'm just gonna create his account now. – Stefan, we're gonna need to send John FedEx whole package. What he's talking about is we're starting to get Thinks athletes are on board. You know, we have the first layer, the second layer, And three athletes thanx. The first level is basically where you decidedly the brand, Get affiliation link, so whenever you are decidedly a brand, You can actually make money, We send you some gear every single month.

♪ Faster than my shot ♪ ♪ All other children with infusion ♪ The second layer is everything that consists of the first layer, But you can also create content. For example, you were doing on our YouTube channel. things like that. As well as having your affiliation link, Like I said, everything is in the first level, We actually pay you for some content Posted by. The third layer is you who is the actual Thinks athlete. (acclaim) You are on YouTube, Just like me, Osvaldo. You are next to our YouTube channel, Linked so you can see, like, we're in charge Thinks athletes. And you really get paid For being a athlete thanx. So if you guys also want to be involved in this, You guys want to be a sporty thinks, You guys wanna share and spread the movement, You can learn more information about that landing page We'll make it right there. And you need to be able to put in your information from there Find out all the information you guys need. Well, now, we gotta get ready to go. I was going to do some fristling on the bar, And this was the vlog plan, But I gotta go look at the apartments That we have to see see.

And the first one that we have to see see It is actually at 2 o'clock, We literally have 30 minutes to get there. Let's go. So, this is it? She's got her own little elevator. that's cool. This is an anesthetic part about it. So this little room here, I can definitely see making a little workout area Or something like that. She wants to be super psychedelic. I love the natural lighting in this one.

It's really an anesthetic, actually. It's really bright. Yes, you see the other one that we went to was dark. Like this one lit up. Yo, that's the opinion of the sick, guys. Yes, this one is much more beautiful than And the other one we saw right? – Yes, it is. – [Chris] Yu, shout out to Christianity, by the way. – Well, thanks, man. – [Chris] This guy is literally the guy who finds it Every single anesthetic spot we go to, bro. – I appreciate it, man, I'm very happy to help. I am happy to be part of the ThinkX team. (Upbeat soft music) – This is very sick. Imagine making kids and just, like, They grow up like this. I grew up in the suburbs, so This is definitely super psychedelic to me. We're gonna take this one, guys. Just a perspective until you guys understand Where I am coming from, to be able to come To something like this is really, like, It's like mind blowing.

Two years ago, I raised my son at my mom's house. To see growth, it's just … I don't even have the words, frankly, To put it for you guys, But things happen very quickly. It's like I say, I'm very grateful. I'm not even gonna stick around and think about it. I'm just gonna keep going And I'm not gonna stop, you know. I will appreciate everything. At least I feel the minute that stops And you start looking around, Like a look at all of these things that happen, Look at all these beautiful things, Look at all these numbers, etc., It is accurate when you start getting comfortable. And when I was comfortable, You really don't want to work 'Cause I felt you really worked. That is why I personally did not try Stop and think about all the stuff, you know. I say, like, it's super psychedelic, But I always think about work, I am always thinking of the next step. I always appreciate, But I am never satisfied. This is one thing for sure.


So I think I'm saying this all to say this, guys, Really hard work, really not reimbursed And I will show you guys this year How hard I'm gonna work And how much it's gonna show up for. You guys are gonna see everything on this channel. This will work my mission statement for this year You guys. Ask yourself this question now, If money is not an option, And you know you can't fail, What would you do? Think about all the things you will achieve. Write them in the comments below below, seriously, What would you do. In most cases, money is not an option, And you really can't fail. If you really, really love what you're doing, Chances are, you will eventually work mister that, Or you end up gonna get really good In all that it is. You fail your way to success. The moment you fail the moment you give up. This officially failed. But as long as you fail and continue, Try again and try again, I was always gonna learn something inside this failure.

You fail your way to success. There will always work special circumstances, Of course, where can a serious financial issue Or maybe the country that you live in and so forth, But this should not stop you from trying. Even if all possibilities are against you, That shouldn't stop you from trying Because you will be more than that otherwise with you if you try Of if you do not try at all. The people who play the lottery, you know, For me, it feels like, dude, You're never gonna win that shit. But someone wins every single time. A person who thinks like that He will never win the lottery If they think, oh, the way that I think that, You're never gonna win that shit.

This is like very small possibilities. But people win. The people who win are the people That are invested at home what they do. Even if you're not gonna invested, If you're not gonna try to win, You never, ever, ever gonna win. So whatever it is that you love to do, Or you always want to do, Or you're passionate about, Keep doing this and I promise if you stick to it, You are definitely gonna get some success out of it. In 2018, I'm really excited. I have a top secret app and really going out soon, guys. I'm probably gonna show you a little peek, But I don't want to give too much away So it's basically done, But almost done, So I can't wait until you guys check out this app. So I have a whole bunch of crazy stuff ready for this year. We are almost ready to show you guys The brand new HERIA clothing. We got some cool stuff coming out for you guys, But I gotta go pick up my son in a second.

Well guys. Welcome guys. – Well, guys, so I just picked up my son from school. How was school, son? It was awesome? good. Do you know? – We learned about Martin Luther King, We extracted from him, we concluded his dream. – amazing. What did you draw? – We had to do his dream. He had to have children holding hands, too, Stove. – Amazing, well. What is your dream? – My dream? – Yes. – My dream is a bunch of pets. Tons. – Is this your dream? – My dream, too Giraffe ride. One of my dreams is to fly. – Wonderful. Well, you know what? We try to get everything those dreams come. What's up, guys? This is a very special moment now. This is Jacobo from binarymango.com. This is dude, him and his team, Are the ones that have been prepared My special, very secret app We will show the show to you guys A little peek of that day. – This dude is getting a bad ass app. – Yes, this is gonna be very sick, bro. – Well, until now, we got a generator, We will be able to – – [Chris] Choose an exercise type.

– [Jacobo] Yes. – Choose a workout method, if you want to build strength, Decidedly build, fat burning, awesome. What muscles do you want to work with? Abs, back, biceps. How much time do you have to work with? Let's go for an hour. bubble! Well, do you want to warm up? Hell yes. – Yes sir. – [Chris] Choose the difficulty level. – [Jacobo] Let's put an argument. (Laugh) – bubble! There is a workout right there, ladies and gentleman! (acclaim) This thing literally creates a workout Just cater for you, depending on, of course, The workout standards you're looking for, But also, how do I think of creating a workout, We were able to create an algorithm That produces the same process The same result with this app is here. So once you spit it out just like that, You can then go ahead and customize anything. Even if he spit anything that you don't like here, Like, for example, oh, this warm up, L-sit, Hold, windshield wipers, and pull-ups.

I love to warm up, but do you know what? I don't like the windshield wipers. what do you work? – If you don't like it, you just criticize it. – Oh, delete. Suppose I want that one to be in the first round. How can I transfer that? – [Jacobo] Well, you click on that, take it, And that's all. – Wonderful. And if you want to add practice anywhere here, Hit Add. bubble! And drop in any of these exercises. All these exercises fit the criteria you requested. So we asked for the back and biceps, So now it shows all of us back and biceps exercises. And there's gonna be a search engine here, too, So you'll be able to actually search for an exercise, The specific exercise that you were looking for. But this is essentially, guys, And if you want to workout that you see, Then hit Save.

You can add it to the calendar. You can add it to a folder of your favorite exercises. – Schedule it and get reminded. – Exactly, just as you would do this on your calendar. So this is super psychedelic. Is there a page we can see what a workout Will it look like after you save it? – You can see it right in the sign. – So it will look like this, This will be like the final page, And if you click this step, You will play from here. It will tell you how many sets, How many actors, and more. So the next step will be that. bubble. Clicking on it, appears there. Click on it, it appears there. And you can keep your music playing. Keep going and things like that. This is gonna be very sick, guys.

There are a lot of jobs that go with this, But we don't want to give everything away now. This is still in the making, But this is almost over. So get ready. There will be a lot cooler jobs. You're gonna be able to track a lot of things. – You're gonna be able to track. If you don't do your workouts, Chris will give you a call, man. – Yes.

(Laugh) It's gonna be super psychedelic. This is definitely … Like the world like never before Anything like this before. I can guarantee you that. This is going to become a necessity in your pocket. Like you you will not be able to live without this app. I would say a couple more weeks left, right? – Absolutely yes. Even less, perhaps. (Upbeat music) (Banging) – Smash that like men button.